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Manufacturer of Fine Artists (bespoke) canvas, Cape Town, S.A.; stretching services, Priming, Varnishing; Masonite Mounts; Re-stretch and prime; structure building; wood paneling; shaping; easels; art supplies


Give your work the gift of immortality....

Our craftsmen are of the most highly skilled in the country, which guarantees our clients a flawless finished product that is designed to last forever. 

Colour Primer

Besides our classic white, our primer is available in Red, Black, Amazon Mist, Kalahari Sands, Eyes Blue and a range of others. We can produce any colour you can provide a colour code for

Artists Canvas Shaping

 The sky is the limit! We have as much fun as you do in realizing our artists' creative ideas, and look forward to joining you on your next adventure in creating...                                                                                                                                   


Artists Canvas - Big sizes

Depending on the linen used, canvas rolls obviously have a maximum width, which determine our maximums. 

With regards stretching (prints, paintings, fabrics or canvas that you bring to us to put on frames) we can go as big as you need us to and can build frames as wide as 4,5 m...


Artists Canvas - online quote

Custom Made Artists Canvas

We know how to make canvas! This is what we pride ourselves on and once you have used an ETH canvas, it will be difficult to go back to anything else!

We use only the finest yarns, and a primer that is unique to our product. Along with being able to expertly build and stretch a canvas, our team of craftsmen know their trade intimately and are therefore able to produce canvasses that are perfectly according to the client's specification.